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The Planning Process

Most domestic dwellings will have exempted development rights which allow the owner to carry out extensions and/or renovations within a strict set of criteria. If the proposed development falls outside these criteria then a planning application is required before any works commence.

If works have been carried out that don't fall within the exempted development criteria, and there has not been planning granted, then a retention application needs to be submitted. 

The relevant council have a maximum 2 month period to decide whether to grant or refuse the application, or request further information. There are no guarantees that the council will approve the development.

Express Retentions provide an efficient service to allow the retention application to be submitted as soon as possible. Once submitted, the timescales are within the gift of the council.

The above is a broad summary of the process and should not be relied upon. Always engage the services of a professional, such as Express Retentions, to guide you through the process.

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